We cannot ignore it any longer. Covid-19 is a growing threat to humanity. This virus will reform our society to such an extent that returning to the ‘old normal’ no will happen again! Something as simple as shaking hands as we meet, will no longer be ‘taken for granted’.

In my deadly top 10 it dit move this threat from place 9 to place 4! How could this have happened? Well, I listened to a Peter Piot podcast. It make me shiver and shake! Peter Piot is an worldwide authority in virology. In that particular podcast he did give me some insights:

  • This virus still has the potential of infecting 7 billion people. It will continue to do this until everyone has the immunity for it.
  • This virus has shortterm and long term consequences. It can infect every kind of human cell!
  • People in Japan wear mouth masks in case of a simple cold. This form of altruism is necessary in order to bend the curve.*
  • Throughout history, we have only succeeded in eliminating smallpox. We have almost eradicated polio, almost a in the last 5 years!!

My little knowledge of viruses teaches me that a mutation or a crossbreeding with another virus can increase the contagion. Just think of swine fever or classical flu.

*: our Western society is too keen on individual freedoms, which explains the much higher infection rate than in densely populated South-East Asia.

That is why pandemic is now number 4 in my deadly 10 events of the Apocalypse: the unbridled selfishness of mankind leads to unseen opportunities for viruses!

The podcast ( in Dutch ) can be listened here

follow-up dec 2020: When I started this list, “pandemics” was nr 10. After the second covid-outbreak, caused by nonchalance I did put it on spot No 4. However, after reading this news, I consider it to No. 3 or even 2! Mankind itself is its greatest enemy!

follow-up may 2021: In our country we do have several outbreaks of the Indian COVID-variant due to lying people returning from India. They “assured” the local authorities of the fulfillment of the quarantine measures. It is this kind of self-centered behavior that is a greater threat than the virus itself!

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