As a geography teacher I’m not allowed to pay attention to it, but after Dante’s book Inferno I too am increasingly anxious about the fact that the end of time is approaching. I wrote down my 10 circles towards Doomsday, in order to find solutions to restart our beautiful planet! I’m not as scared as Elon Musk! I will not leave Earth and run to Mars because we fucked out this planet! I indicate some bricks of knowledge. Bricks to rebuild the mess that we give on to our children

Would u snap your fingers like Thanos?
Or do u like Dan Brown theorem: ā€œWould you kill half the population today in order to save our species from extinction?ā€
No, I’m not a acolyte of Maltus, I observe the world as good as possible. Unfortunately the more signs I see, the more I have to give some value of his thoughts. There feed my 10 theorems.

  1. The lack of drinkable water!
  2. Demographic explosion
  3. Food insecurity
  4. Pandemics
  5. Climate disruption
  6. Environmental degradation
  7. Uncontrollable new technologies
  8. Nuclear weapons
  9. Chemical and biological pollution
  10. A geological disaster

The human incapacity to deal with one of the above problems!