As a geography teacher I’m not allowed to pay attention to it, but after Dante’s book Inferno I too am increasingly anxious about the fact that the end of time is approaching. I wrote down my 10 circles towards Doomsday, in order to find solutions to restart our beautiful planet! I’m not as scared as Elon Musk! I will not leave Earth and run to Mars because we fucked out this planet! I do believe in some humanity. We do have the bricks to rebuild the mess that we give on to our children! Call me an ecomodernist ( I’m not ) or call me whatever u need. We will speak each other the day after doomsday, okay?

If u were Thanos, would u snap your fingers?

My most loved quote by Marvel Studios…

Or do u like Dan Brown theorem: ā€œWould you kill half the population today in order to save our species from extinction?ā€

No, I’m not a acolyte of Maltus, I observe the world as good as possible. Unfortunately the more signs I see, the more I have to give some value of his thoughts. There feed my 10 theorems.

  1. The lack of drinkable water!
  2. Demographic explosion
  3. Pandemics ( moved up 1 place since May 2021 )
  4. Food insecurity
  5. Climate disruption
  6. Environmental degradation
  7. Uncontrollable new technologies
  8. Nuclear weapons
  9. Chemical and biological pollution
  10. A geological disaster

The human incapacity to deal with one of the above problems!